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Upcoming Events

We are so excited to share our upcoming events! We'd love to see you and connect in 2023!

Current Headlining Event: Brandon Ferruccio, a playwright and director, is producing an evening of his original, one acts shows.


Goddess (Act 1)

What sort of problems would mythological Goddesses have if they lived in present day, New York City? The same problems as everyone else; menopause, cheating spouses, overbearing mothers, and low self-esteem…


Presented at Long Beach Playhouse

A one act play by Brandon Ferrucio 

Playing March 10 & 11 @ 8pm, March 12 @2pm

Long Beach Playhouse

Tickets $15


If you would like to help support this One Act Play production, you can visit our Go Fund Me page!


Meet the cast!

Goddess:                                        Restroom Confessions:

Hera – Jennifer Lee Moody          Catrina – Maria Oconnor

Athena – Nina Rose Carlin            Melissa – Robyn Lynn Couch

Artemis – Briana Burnside             Rebecca – Heather Gonzalez

Aphrodite – Courtney Shaffer       Haylie – Jessica Hogan

Persephone – Mariel Suarez          Tracy – Tawney Lewis 

                                                         Jen – Holly Jungers   



Top Donations!

John DeBetta


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Box Office: (562) 494-1014

The LBP Studio Collaborative Season offers outside, local theatre companies and performing arts organizations the opportunity to produce their own shows in our Studio Theater.

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